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August 14, 2015
AAA Fuel Gauge Alert: Southern Wisconsin Prices Continue Sharp Rise
Madison, Wisc. (August 14, 2015) – The effects of the partial shutdown of BP’s Whiting, IN refinery continue to be seen throughout the Midwest and beyond.  Today’s average for regular unleaded in the Madison and Janesville/Beloit markets have risen to $2.78 and $2.71, respectively, the second double-digit increase for each in an many days. 
While other parts of the state and country are also seeing increased prices as a result of decreased output from the Whiting facility, markets closest to the Chicago region have been hit hardest.  Metro Milwaukee’s average today is $3.03, a 45 cents increase since the refinery issues began earlier this week. 
AAA tracks gas prices daily on the national, state and local level at the   
Consumers are encouraged to use the AAA mobile app or Fuel Price Finder on to find the best prices near them.

AAA recommends that motors take the following steps to increase fuel efficiency and save money on gas:

  • Accelerate gradually. Avoid jackrabbit starts. 
  • Anticipate your stops. When approaching a red light, let your foot off the gas as early as possible. 
  • Avoid long warm-ups in the morning. They’re unnecessary and waste fuel.
  • Use air conditioning. Today’s air conditioners create less drag on the engine than driving with the windows open.
  • Maintain recommended tire pressure. Low pressure reduces fuel economy and can damage tires.
  • Keep the air filter clean. Clogged filters reduce fuel economy and increase exhaust emissions.
  • Slow down. Every 5 mph you drive over 50 mph is like paying an additional $0.24 per gallon for gas.
  • Combine errands. If possible, park in a central spot and walk from place to place
  • Don’t use your trunk for storage. The heavier your car, the more fuel it uses.


Nick Jarmusz
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